What Our Clients Say

Hi Don,
My husband and I have a creamery on our dairy farm. We had decided to expand our business and thought an ice cream truck would be the way to go!! When we stumpled upon Don and Jamie at Ice Cream Trucks. com it was a great relationship from the very beginning. We had lots of questions and concerns with us being in Delaware and them being in Utah but their experience and helpful suggestions helped put our fears a side. Over the months the truck was being built they kept us informed by email, phone and there were many pictures that were sent through the computer almost daily. When we finally recived our truck it looked amazing. We had seen pictures but when it rolled up to our house it was beautiful inside and outside. I would recommend icecreamtrucks.com to anyone who is considering a truck. They truly made this an amazing experience and we couldn’t be happier with our ice cream truck. Thank you Don and Jamie.


James and Donna Vanderwende
Vanderwende Farm Creamery
Bridgeville, DE 19933

Hello my name is Suzette Steward and I just received my finished Snow Cone / Ice Cream truck designed and handmade by Ice Cream Trucks.com. I am beyond happy with my truck “Journey Ice” and it has met all of my expectations and beyond. Don Gansen and I connected because I was looking to buy a snow cone truck that he had listed on his website. Once Don and I started talking he told me he could build me my own personalized truck and that’s when I was sold. Don and Jamey walked me through the whole process. They helped me make sure that I was following the right guide lines that where expected in the state of Texas. Once we decided on all the specs that I wanted and would need we started the building process. This was easy and really exciting as they sent me weekly pictures through email as well as phone calls letting me know what steps where next and what they had ordered. Even though they are in Utah and I live in Texas I always felt really close to the whole project. I never felt pressured into an up sell or a better product line and if there was something on the truck I wanted changed they made it happen. I wanted windows in my truck and they made it happen. I also wanted a third seat on the truck and guess what I have my third seat on the truck. Don went above and beyond to help me make the coolest snow cone truck out there. I also took my truck to the next level and I had it wrapped with a design and look that I had envisioned and Don was there to help over see that. He worked extra hours to make sure that I was pleased and happy with everything. The most impressive part was that when he saw that the company had messed up he took pictures of it and told the company that he was not pleased and he knew that I would not be pleased as well. He had the company contact me and let me know they messed it up and would fix it if I was not happy. Don had my best interest at heart and knew that I was not going to be happy. I was so pleased that I had the opportunity to get it fixed and done right as now it looks amazing. The last step of getting the truck to Texas was also extremely easy. Don and his staff set that all up and my truck was here 3 days later.

I have been so pleased with all the steps that Don and Jamey have helped me with as far as getting my product ordered and shipped with the truck so I was ready to sell once it got here. They also helped me with lining up an ice cream dealer local in my area. I have had a MILLION questions for them and they have been EXTREMELY helpful and kind throughout the whole process. I am so pleased that I made that one phone call and had the chance to speak with Don as now I have the COOLEST snow cone/ ice cream truck in Katy Texas and I am going to KNOCK OUT all the other competitors in my area. If you are interested in buying a mobile Ice cream truck you need to not look any future because Don Gansen and his team are the REAL deal and they are amazing people to work with.


Suzette Steward
Proud owner of Journey Ice

When I came to Don and Jamey with my idea for a coffee truck that included a bathroom, specialty coffee shop feel, and a list of specific needs, they jumped right in. They built my dream truck, and problem solved along side me to make sure my detailed list was met. The best part about working with Utah Food Trucks was that Don and Jamey know what works and why–both in the functionality of the truck and in the way food trucks do business. I have been out on the road with #BrewsterTruck (Dose SLC), for almost 2 months now. I’ve definitely made some rooky mistakes while driving the big guy, and I’ve also discovered a few things that needed tweaking once I started serving. The guys always have a solution that has always proved to be a solid improvement in the overall operation of the truck and my business. I am so happy to have found them, and that they were the ones who helped me bring my vision to life. Feel free to look to look me up at @doseslc if you have any questions about Utah Food Trucks

Jackie Baker

I ordered a Food truck from these guys. They built it quickly and within health code requirements! What more could I asked for! Great company to work with! They really care about their customers!

Troy Nelson